Oil filter

Oil filter

Oil filter
  • Shell, cover plate and other metal parts are made of high-quality steel with high dimension accuracy and better performance, which improves the static pressure rupture resistance of products and ensures normal operation in extreme environments.
  • High quality and precision filter paper, high filtration efficiency, long service life; The filter paper after special processing has higher oil resistance performance, reducing the damage resistance loss of filter paper under high oil temperature, which can meet the normal use in different environments.
  • The threaded cover plate and sealing plate are welded with if inverter dc to ensure the welding position is firm and reliable.
  • The computer simulation is adopted to further optimize the check valve structure design to prevent oil reflux inside the oil filter when the engine stops working, so as to ensure timely oil supply and lubrication of the engine lubrication system when the vehicle restarts.
  • The sealing original parts made of high performance materials are selected and tested under the environment of -40℃+135℃, which can ensure the normal use of the filter under the environment and make the performance more reliable.
  • Shell surface adopts electrostatic spraying technology, the surface coating adhesion is strong, the shell is not easy to rust, the internal cleanliness is high, and in line with the national environmental protection requirements.
Product function:
The oil filter is to filter the sludge in the engine oil used for engine circulation, the impurities produced by the engine oil's own deterioration, to prevent the deterioration of the engine oil, to prevent the engine movement parts of wear.
Recommended replacement period:
Change the oil filter every 100 ~ 200 hours or 5000 ~ 8000 km.