Fuel filter

Fuel filter

Fuel filter
  • Shell, cover plate and other metal parts with high quality imported steel automatic stamping forming. High dimensional accuracy, to ensure the static pressure rupture strength of the product. Ensures that the product will work effectively in extreme environments.
  • The inside and outside of the shell have been treated with phosphating and anti-rust treatment, and the product will not show rust or corrosion after salt spray test for 72H.
  • The filter material is imported high quality filter paper and filter element is spiral design structure. It can effectively make the impurity particles adhere to slip in the slot.The original filtration efficiency of the product can reach 95%, which can effectively protect the engine performance.
  • Imported high quality corrugated filter paper and spiral filter element are selected to design the structure. The original resistance of the product is less than 5Kpa.Can provide enough fuel to the engine to make it the best condition. It can effectively protect the engine performance.
  • Diesel filter paper adopts imported double-layer composite filter paper, up to euro III and euro IV standards. Its surface, deep filtration. For particles larger than 5 nm, the filtration efficiency can reach above 98%.
Product function:
Fuel filter is contained in the fuel iron oxide, dust and other solid debris removal, to prevent fuel system blockage (especially nozzle) to reduce mechanical wear, ensure the stable operation of the engine, improve reliability.
Recommended replacement period:
Replace fuel filters every 200 to 300 hours or 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers. Submerged tank fuel filters are generally replaced at 30000 km.