Cabin filter

Cabin filter

Cabin filter
  • The edge of the filter element frame material is strong, reasonable thickness and adhesion is very firm and reliable. It can effectively ensure that the product is not deformed in use, good sealing.
  • The filter element is made of composite material, and the surface is made of glass fiber with electrostatic adsorption function. It can effectively absorb dust, impurities, particles and carbides in the air.
  • Activated carbon and fiberglass composite is used for filter media. Using the advanced laminating process, to ensure good ventilation rate of product, activated carbon with bamboo carbon can effectively remove soot, ozone, bad breath, carbon oxide, pollen, SO2, CO1, sterilization deodorization function at the same time, to ensure driving room air is fresh and not breed bacteria, create a good safe and healthy environment.
Product function:
Air conditioning filter is used to filter the outside air in the pollen, dust, bacteria, toxic gas and a variety of fine particles, so that the air inside the car is clean, no odor, to ensure that the driver fresh breathing, enjoy health.
Recommended replacement period:
To ensure the health of drivers and passengers, it is recommended to replace the air conditioning filter every 200 ~ 300 hours or 10,000 kilometers. In the driving environment more harsh areas and plum rain season, should be timely replacement of air conditioning filter.