About OST

Production equipment

The company introduces advanced large tonnage automatic stamping equipment with high production efficiency, product quality assurance.For the filter shell, screw plate, sealing plate, filter element end cover plate and other parts, we abandoned the single die multi-way production process and use progressive die forming efficient production process to ensure the dimensional accuracy of stamping parts and meet the requirements of product quality.
  • Connecting thread
    Adopt Multi-station automatic extrusion equipment, equipped with imported extrusion tap, effectively ensure the thread strength, verticality and thread surface finish.
  • Housing
    Adopting the surface treatment technology in accordance with the environmental protection requirements, effectively improve the anti-rust performance and internal cleanliness of the shell.
  • Surface of the shell
    Using high voltage electrostatic spraying technology. The powder distribution on the surface of the shell is even through multi-channel high temperature curing, strong adhesion in order to effectively protect surface of the shell.
  • Filter parts
    The upper and lower end covers adopt advanced automatic glue injection technology, and the inside of the cover plate of the filter core is filled with glue evenly, ensuring that both ends of the filter core are firmly bonded and sealed reliably.
  • Finished product assembly
    The production line adopts automatic sealing equipment, the product is evenly formed all around, the dimensional accuracy is stable and reliable, through 100% online air tightness test, fully guarantee the product sealing performance.
  • Filter
    The production technology of spraying powder first and then sealing can ensure the appearance quality and at the same time avoid the pollution of the product interior by spraying powder after sealing the tank first, and the damage of high temperature