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Cars in the rainy season Need more attention to cleaning air-conditioning filters

425 views / 2020-02-22

      When I got on the car recently, I found that the leather seat cushion in the car has a strange smell. I do n’t know why? "In a Wudang auto repair factory, the consumer Mr. Liang reflected the situation to the auto repair staff.

       In summer, it often rains, and the car is a bit tired. In view of the characteristics of summer car use and the changes brought about by seasonal changes, it is recommended that the owner make a comprehensive "sauna" for his car.

Paint maintenance

      The acid rain in Guiyang is relatively severe. Over time, an oxide layer will form on the car paint surface, which will lose its bright, smooth and flat appearance. If the car surface has fine small scratches, it will also rust due to moisture, so it is best to do a series of beauty treatments for your car surface from cleaning and polishing to waxing, sealing or coating.

Car sterilization

     Seats, carpets, instrument panels, foot pads, seat gaps, inside doors, and trunks are places where dust and bacteria can easily accumulate. The hot summer weather has largely catalyzed the development of these harmful "forces". Therefore, in autumn, it is best to do a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the car's interior and components. If the vehicle owner uses a disinfectant such as peracetic acid for disinfection, remember that after the disinfection, the compartment must be wiped with clean water and dried with a clean cotton cloth to prevent the residual disinfectant from causing harm to the human body.

Air conditioner filter cleaning

     In summer, air conditioners are used at a high frequency. A lot of dust, bacteria, and other dirt will adhere to the air conditioners' blowers, air ducts, etc. It is easy to breed germs and emit odors, causing harm to human skin and respiratory system. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause problems such as poor cooling effect, small air volume, and other air conditioning system failures. Therefore, be sure to clean or replace the air-conditioning filter in time to ensure the “double safety”of the owner and the car.

Dehumidification in the car

     Guiyang is often overcast and rainy, and cold wind should be turned on at this time. This will not only remove the mist, but also the function of dehumidification. In addition to turning on the air conditioner to dehumidify the car in the rain, it is best to buy a simple dehumidification box so that the car components are not easily wet after overnight.